Viral Video: A Sign from heaven visits two sisters

By Angela Abbott Patteson

This is a cardinal miracle! 🙌🏼

For the past few years my mother-in-law Debbie ( Deborah Booth Patteson) and her sister Jeanne (Jeanne Booth Wright) have talked to Grandma and on several occasions and asked her (when it was her time to leave this world) send them a sign once she was in heaven, and they specifically asked that a cardinal would be involved. Grandma (Dorthy Booth) passed a few weeks ago at 97 years old. Aunt Jeanne also prayed that the Lord would do it in such a way that they would never have thought of. Well, God answered that prayer yesterday, (the day after grandmas memorial service, and hours after they had been talking about that very prayer) while they were playing grandmas favorite card game, “Canasta”!!!

They heard a thud at the kitchen window and my father-in-law Brian went out to check! A cardinal was there and he picked it up and brought it inside. For 10 min They held and pet it, then they decided to go outside to release it. Following is a short video clip of this amazing experience and what happens next! (The bird flew away 10 min later) You must watch!!

Video credit: Lori Wright Storey

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