Outer Banks Known as OBX How When Where?

Known as OBX
OBX vacation destination

The Outer Banks (also known as OBX) The Outer Banks was not the Outer Banks until, well, who really knows. So how did the shore OBX name come to be? We do know that America’s first Secretary of Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, called the coast of the Outer Banks “The Graveyard of the Atlantic, of course you can visit Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum which is located in Hatteras Village close to the Hatteras ferry. So back to OBX Where did the Nickname come from for ‘Outer Banks” Here ya go! James Douglas came up with the OBX abbreviation in 1994, borrowing the distant idea from similar shorthands used in European countries. So when you see The oval bumper sticker with the letters OBX Thank James!




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