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Hang Gliding Soars Above Other Beach Activities

Hang Gliding Soars Above Other Beach Activities

Come to the home of flight and soar the same skies as the Wright Brothers in your very own personal aircraft as a hang glider and experience the freedom of flight. Dune Hang Gliding may seem terrifying and extreme to some, but for most it’s an enjoyable, relaxing activity with incredible views and worthy solitude.

Lessons are available solo and tandem, for beginners and those craving a new adventure for people of all ages. With enough practice, it’s possible to stay aloft for hours souring on the same updrafts of air as the seagulls, and with even more experience you can navigate challenge course obstacles.

Hang Gliding Outer Banks
Hang Gliding Outer Banks















To get started you’ll learn about the different parts on the glider, basic technique and important safety measures. The goal of your first lesson is to lift off, fly down the ridge in a straight line and land upright. An instructor will take care of inspecting the equipment, monitoring the area, and setting up participants in the required equipment, such as helmets and harnesses.

During flight, it is important to control your speed and direction, just like with a car or a bike. If you’re moving too fast, just push the control bar away from yourself to slow down and to alter your direction you just shift your weight. To land the hang glider, you have to stall it. As you approach the ground, you push the control bar as far as it will go, this tips the glider nose up, slowing the glider down and eventually stalls it so you can land upright on your feet.

With hang gliding you get to fly from the first step and control the glider yourself. Even if you crash, you walk away smiling, as the sand is soft.

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