Beach to Bar Beauty

It’s summer time and the weather is hot. The change in season is the perfect opportunity to change up your beauty routine and revamp your look according to the weather. The hot hot heat and salty sea waters are two natural factors that can’t be denied. Here’s a quick beach-to-bar beauty routine for every budget.


In the morning

Start your day with a great BB Cream that has a solid SPF. A product like this can do you right year round, but it’s especially important while basking in the high UV rays of summer. Skip all other forms of foundation and use a lightly tinted BB Cream to save your skin and your pores. Caking on makeup before a day in the sun will do no service to the breakouts you may be having. The sun will help your skin back to its natural order. BB Cream is one product I would advise splurging on a little, and the same goes for face wash. My mama always taught me that good skin care is the cornerstone of feeling fresh and fabulous.


Next use a lip balm to hydrate your lips. Even though the humidity may leave you feeling moisturized, too much salt water and sweating can leave you dehydrated. Everyone has their go to lip balm, but if you’re in the market for something new I would recommend Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm. The beautiful packaging drew me in but the high quality of the product got me hooked.


The most important steps in this makeup routine are your eyes. Keep your eye makeup simple with a little brow powder and a waterproof mascara. Brows frame the face and heighten your natural elegance without forcing you to worry about makeup running down your face. A little umph on the lashes wakes up the eyes which is great for those early morning beach day-trips.


Final step is to throw that hair in a braid to help amp up the beach waves you’ll get from playing around in the ocean all day. Trust me, it will pay off by sundown.


You can take this simplistic beauty routine from day to night by throwing four key products in your beach bag. Take your look straight from the beach to the bar without running back to the house. If you’re anything like me, that quick trick back home turns into an hour extravaganza. So, skip the long prep and start your night out with a few simple products.


Before the bar

Swipe a jumbo eye pencil across your eye for a pop of color. I would recommend Sephora’s Jumbo Eyeliner in either taupe or beige. The color is soft enough to compliment your summer simplicity while brightening up your lid and bringing focus to your eyes.


Now that your eyes are glowing, add another layer of mascara. Do away with any clumping that might have happened throughout the day by applying a fresh layer. The key to declumping is to take your mascara wand at the base of your eyelashes and wiggle the wand back and forth before pulling it through to the ends of your lashes. I’m a big fan of Josie Argan’s new mascara made with natural oils.


To truly make your look bar ready, pick out a bold color for your well-hydrated lips. Since the rest of the look is understated use a tinted balm in a bold shade. Bright purple and coral are the outrageous trends to try this season but if you’re into a classic look, like me, you can never go wrong with a pop of coral or bright red. Revlon’s Just Bitten line contains hydrating agents, is easy to apply, and won’t break your bank.


The final step is to take down your braid and let your beach waves fly. The “Not Your Mother’s” line makes a travel size bottle of sea salt spray that will put the finishing touches on your sultry summer hair.


Transformation complete! What are some of your favorite beach-to-bar secrets?


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